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Name:Super-Dimensional Fortress Valcion
Birthdate:Oct 27
Location:Coventry, Rhode Island, United States of America
[community profile] iam THE TERROR THAT FLAPS IN THE NIGHT!
[community profile] iam DARKWING DUUUUUUUUUCK (of dreamwidth!)

Interests (150):

acting like mid-boss, action 52, adding penises to everything, aigis, anime, baccano, beating airman, beating cheetahmen 2, beatmania iidx, being an npc, being badass, being invincible, being moe, being of good cheer, being on a boat, being pro, being the bone of my sword, being the only guy in gensokyo, being the strongest, brb pool is on fire, brofists, brofists from giant cloudmen, castlevania, catch my heart very melon, cave story, chex quest, chiseling footballs out of stone, chrono trigger, click here, climbing walls of dicks, closing tga for chicken lunch, convincing people i'm a time-traveller, daytonaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lets roll away, debating proper consumption of a crunch bar, debating proper consumption of chocolate coronets, deciding the destiny, dennys at 4am, destroying the universe, dicks in space, disgaea, doctor ivo robotnik, doujin games, dream theater, drinking liquid hot magma, ducks in space, earthbound, ether vapor, eurobeat, explaining why i hate centaur man, facing it straight, figuring out what a man is, flying like a butterfly, free ipod in your e-mail click here, free real estate for jim, gazing into the nipples of the future, generating immense power from loli kisses, generic interests, golgo13, guilty gear, gundam, hard work and guts, having enough swords, having infomercials about ultimate grills, having it all come down to my skill, higurashi, horrible drunken karaoke, horrible puns, hot blood, humans who pay me tribute, humming the baseline, i am the only one with this interest, i wanna take you for a ride, inside joke interests, interests that are too long, itty bitty table legs, jam project, jet set radio, joining the time police, kicking t-rexes, looking nothing like a gundam, martin fury, massproducing bigzam, mecha, mother, naked succubi inside click here, nanoha, neko arc chaos, ninety-fifty, not being a douchebag, not getting hit by friendly fire, not high orcs, overhyped drill anime, overriding bgms with my own theme song, overriding bgms with trombe, people who die when killed, pestering ai, phantasy star online, phantasy star universe, pirate gundams, pissing off the entire cast of gundam zz, pop'n music, psycho gundam's wonderful time, ragnarok online, redalice, rogue tank, rolling start, saving the world from venom, screaming and punching things, sexually suggestive pseudonyms, sharks on a bus, shooting the core, sky girls, sonata arctica, super robot wars, taking it easy, taking lava baths, taking you for a ride, tea and cookies with the devil, team fortress 2, the cinco phone, things that aren't zakus, thinking i'm witty, this is probably an interest, this isn't an interest, this isn't an interest either, this won't be a link ever, tomino, tomitake flash, touhou, transformers, trapping bookworms in my secret labyrinth, tsundere succubi, tsunderes, type-moon, umineko, understanding the concept of love, using star wars quotes in everyday life, venetian snares, very few people are interested in this, very melon!, video games, violently car, waifus, wall of dicks, warwick mall= mos eisley, wearing my sunglasses at night, wishing i had my own theme song, wondering what ganon's up to, world domnination, you are now blinking manually
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